What is physical?literacy?

Physical literacy comes from developing a wide range of fundamental movement skills such as hopping, skipping, throwing, catching and jumping! Developing these skills at a young age helps children gain confidence and motivates them to lead healthier active lives as they grow up. Physically literate children are happier, healthier and more confident?which leads them to perform?better in school!

Why Physical Literacy is Important

Research shows that without the development of physical literacy, many children and youth withdraw from physical activity and sport. When this occurs, children will turn to more inactive or unhealthy choices during their leisure time, which ultimately leads to a ?unhealthy lifestyle .

Physical Literacy Cycle

What You Can Do

  • Get Involved – Your child will watch and learn from what they see and do.
  • Encourage – Just like literacy and numeracy skills your child will develop physical literacy at its own rate as brain and muscles grow.
  • Create Opportunities?– Go for a hike instead of burying your head in a tablet or turning on the TV
  • Multisport Programs?– Expose children to a wide variety of physical activities in all environments (land, ice, air, water)